My Friends are Models!

As a full camera card rests in the hardworking Canon sitting on my passenger seat, we already know that family in-home sessions and love stories are basically just an excuse for me to cry happy tears in my car the whole way home. It's like some weird, joyful therapy that I can't quit.

But now I'm discovering new work to drool over. . .

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Deanna Rivaldo
A Mini (and Picnic-y) Mama's Session

"UGH. Guys, come on. 

Okay. So once I recovered (obviously, I apply that status loosely), we headed out from their West Seattle digs to the Trader Joes to pick up picnic fixings. Then it was off to Lincoln Park for a girls lunch + casual photo session. 

PSA: You can hire me, but if you want to befriend me and eat with me and get beautiful images along the way I will NOT protest. "

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CA, NV, AZ Mobile Modeling Session Sneak Peek // Portrait Session


Can I just drive home the critical need to MAKE TIME to revive yourself when you're dragging? Guys, there are so many moments when you're gonna be in your flow and it will be awesome and you'll feel like you could lift a bus over your head! And then some days you'll feel like the bus dropped on top of you and you may not know how you fell this far from grace. Those are the moments where you realize that you cannot stay under the bus. Because 1) there is no chocolate under the bus :( and 2) the world is waiting on you. 

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