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Current brand collaboration:

I choose to punch and paint on pieces of leather to communicate my thoughts rather than oh-so-common words. The result is a collection of premium designer hand crafted leather goods that exude brilliant uniqueness.
Each product is a fruit of intense thought process followed by laborious hours spent in workshop with an intention of expressing my love for art through useful creations.
— Aks Mathur

Tell me all about your likes, inspiration, intended audience— with relentlessness, I interviewed Aks to reveal the essence of this work, who it would best serve, and why it meant to much to him to bring into the world.

I am well-versed in entering into the realm of someone else's emotional comfort zone when photographing.

Capturing the story of products made with love surprisingly proved to be no different a task. 

I am so proud of the voice he trusted on me to give to these beautifully-crafted accessories for thoughtful fashion. 

And I am ever-inspired by this talented artist.

This collection is inspired by the circular form of Moon. The uneven and raw surface of moon and that’s why each piece has a raw vintage touch to it. Each piece in this collection is handcrafted, which makes each piece unique to the wearer.
— Aks Mathur

This collaborative experience between two artists and two brands proved so much more rewarding than I could have ever anticipated.