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Just a taste of the gorgeous work from Lady Grey

Just a taste of the gorgeous work from Lady Grey

Lady Grey is the brilliant result of two alarmingly talented ladies coming together to share sweetness with you during your moments of celebration.

In the age of information, sometimes I feel as though I’ve seen it all.

Just so you know, I haven’t and you haven’t. We’ve just seen a lot of squirrels riding unicycles.

There are so many bright stones left unturned and the elevation of events through edible art is such a treat to behold.

The fact that these women have emboldened one another to transfer their creative outlets into their professional purpose should emphatically tell you that, yes, you absolutely should aspire to have your cake and eat it too.

deanna does a stance.jpg

Enjoy this über glam BTS lunge by yours truly

For this photo session, I met Alia and Becca in a Ravenna garage sheltering us from, well, Seattle doing what she does best.

I brought one key light, one bluetooth speaker, and Becca provided the most saucy Prince station for us to shoulder shimmy to as I got to work.


Two hours later…

And I was literally rededicating “I Would Die 4 U” to these women.

While lost in the deep squats of photographing these lavish wonders, I probably let off a rogue fist pump or two to Alia and Becca’s confidence. While these two are clearly cut out for making masterpieces, before they met at Seattle Culinary Academy they had other big, rewarding lives doing other very cool things too.

It’s some sort of endearing mind-bender for me each time the universe unites me with other risk-taking, reinventing boss babes who also choose the path one must plow for themselves.

Alia | Lead Decorator

Alia used to live the corporate life where the dream of the 90s is alive: Portland. She also worked on the S5 of Portlandia. (Prince is making a lil more sense now all of a sudden.) She took the creative outlet she had from her office job— a love for making good food— and ultimately wrote a new character for herself.

Becca | Head Baker

After a fulfilling career as a early childhood educator and birth doula, Becca was next planning on a career move into Nursing. She instead made the choice to listen to intuition and she enrolled in Seattle Culinary Academy where these two solo artists met and laid the groundwork for Lady Grey.

Their trajectories are unique and their warm partnership transcends the work— I swear I overheard them finishing each other’s sentences while we were discussing the direction for the photoshoot.

What you don’t see when you look at the cake is the endless well of support each has for the other. And that is what I am really excited about.

The complexity and elegance of what these women are bringing into existence has already amassed a passionate fan base, yet I’m giddy thinking about all that Lady Grey has yet to accomplish simply because these creators are so fiercely cheering one another on. That support is the kind that pushes you to take the right chances and leads to career-defining work.

By the end of the session, I had stayed one hour longer than we had planned. My fingers were numb from the cold. And I was deeply inspired and practically begging for them to bring me back for round two. And that is some sort of special.

Alia and Becca, you impress me beyond words. Thank you for sharing your one-of-a-kind pieces with the world and inspiring us all to make the moves that matter in our own lives too.


The Aks Mathur brand has emerged from the desire to express ideas through useful designs. Aks Mathur goods bring high-quality, luxury leather and uniquely-crafted jewelry to the wearer whose focus is beauty and usability.

“I choose to punch and paint on pieces of leather to communicate my thoughts rather than oh-so-common words. The result is a collection of premium designer hand crafted leather goods that exude brilliant uniqueness. Each product is a fruit of intense thought process followed by laborious hours spent in workshop with an intention of expressing my love for art through useful creations.”

-Aks Mathur

Tell me all about your likes, inspiration, intended audience— with relentlessness, I interviewed Aks to reveal the essence of this work, who it would best serve, and why it meant to much to him to bring into the world.

I am well-versed in entering into the realm of someone else's emotional comfort zone when photographing. Capturing the story of products made with love surprisingly proved to be no different a task. 

I am so proud of the voice he trusted on me to give to these beautifully-crafted accessories for thoughtful fashion. 

And I am ever-inspired by this artist.

“This collection is inspired by the circular form of Moon. The uneven and raw surface of moon and that's why each piece has a raw vintage touch to it. Each piece in this collection is handcrafted, which makes each piece unique to the wearer.”

-Aks Mathur

This collaborative experience between two artists and two brands proved so much more rewarding than I could have ever anticipated.