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(Dancing) Dog Days of Summer

(Dancing) Dog Days of Summer

Meet the Witts.

Nearly a year ago I was just so pumped to discover these sweet Idaho transplants in WA. I documented the entrance of their baby boy on his very first day in this world. 

Fast forward to summertime for session #2.

Things I expected: We would laugh the whole time through my live posing tutorial. I am so graceful. 

Things I didn't expect: Kind, hilarious, hairy photo-bombers.


(see below)

Thank you for letting me come along and document the changes to of your little fam yet again. Lucas is so smart and so curious and I seriously cannot get enough of suave stares and his gummy, baby smiles! 


Major shoutout to these fine gentleman. 

They saw that those of us under two years of age could benefit from a furry distraction.

Bless you two for dancing your FULL GROWN DOGS around like toys to make our little guy smile on the trail. 

Witt Dog Dads-1.jpg


Witt Dog Dads-2.jpg

And, R E A L  T A L K?

I LOVE WHAT I DO because it connects us. 

It is September 7th, 2017. Along the Pacific, fires are devastating and ash is falling like rain in my backyard. The Atlantic is currently being battered by one of the hardest storms it has ever endured. And those are just environmental concerns.

There will always be things happening which we cannot control, so it is essential to remember the things that we can affect.

I can be kind to those around me. It costs nothing and everyone seriously wins.

Learning your stories and standing in awe of what makes you the interesting, incredible people you are makes me a better human. What I am continually delighted to be shown is the simple truth: we are not that different.

Be brave, lovely humans. And if you can lift up a friend or lift up a dog to help another in need, please don't think twice. 

Stay safe and be good to one another. 




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Fine, I'll buy that Canadian Retreat

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