Reunion Bake Brew Bite // Branding Session



When you walk into REUNION you’ll feel like you're walking into a friend's dining room.

A very talented friend's dining room.

Your senses will be treated to sights and smells that invite you deeper to the counter to order.


You will walk past french-inspired buttery pastries, cookies, muffins, desserts, and delicious sandwiches mainly made with seasonal, locally grown, natural, sustainable, and organic ingredients.

Meeting the founders at the counter, you can opt to have a hand-poured cup of single origin coffee while you take in the recommendations. 

I am new to Kirkland. I am still finding my spots, ya know? 

But when you find a gem, and if you have a heart, you can't help but want to share. 

This is PART I of 2 photoshoots I just did for REUNION to showcase what a knockout combo their quality + service is.

Enjoy. . .

In person, preferably!

Kaya Butter Waffles


Frenchie Fresh Berries

Stay tuned for the FULL SPREAD coming with Part II!