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Tiny Man Snuggles

Tiny Man Snuggles

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• • •

Working on the weekends is truly only the fear of adults, isn't it?

When you're young it doesn't matter as much. You have endless days; what is the harm of working a few playdays? Opportunities for fun come from a bottomless well!

And then you begin approaching (read: careening towards) 30 and you tell yourself THIS IS NOT RIGHT. I ONLY HAVE ONLY A HANDFUL LEFT. I CANNOT SQUANDER THE GOLDEN BOOKENDS OF MY WEEKS.

• • •

I chose to be my own boss because, if I'm going to sweat for anything, I want to be working toward something I find worthwhile.  I am the type of woman that is never satisfied with a job done meh.

I chose a creator’s lifestyle because I appreciate an exquisite final product, as much as I appreciate the messy process.

Additionally, my specific talent is one that is best when shared. 

• • •

Today, on Sunday, I arose at my usual 7 am. Without a shred of dread. 

This has to be the best of signs, no? 

I don't feel as though I am wasting a day working but rather giving my time to a calling larger than myself. I couldn't dream of doing anything else.

I swear there is also some ancient magic hidden in the mornings we wake up to sunshine and not downpour in Seattle. I arise believing I can do anything AND that I will bump into Ryan Gosling while ordering a cappuccino. 

It’s nearly scientific. 

• • •

Four years ago I felt pulled in so many different directions professionally. I just truly wanted to do it all. Since no one should actually be doing it all, I indulged the wild hair I had to explore an entirely new avenue with Newborn, Child, and Family Photojournalistic Sessions. I had such a newfound appreciation for documenting family connections (in addition to the weddings which I was photographing almost exclusively) after experiencing a heath scare with my grandmother and feeling like I had so much to give, as well as gain, in this realm.

I compare it to getting your home just right and also planning a wicked vacation. The change of pace is refreshing AND it makes coming home that much more sweet. 

I think the moral of the story here is —

Do what you love. Always. Fiercely. 

Pursue it. 

Keep at it.

Find new things that interest you.

And pursue those ends with the same intensity.


• • •

I arrived to meet Fauve sometime around 10:00 am in her hospital room. 

This radiant mama was freshening up to the tune of "Banana Pancakes."

No, I'm not making this up. I cannot. She IS this lovely and indulges in Jack Johnson. 

Sometimes when you're, oh I don't know, only 24 hours out of labor, you're not feeling your most glamourous. What was amazing for me was when I explained some of my cropping strategies to Fauve, her candid reply was, "oh that's alright. This is all part of the experience, right?" 

And she was not wrong. We spent just a handful of minutes together, bookmarking a few moments from her handsome boy's first day with mom. The concern was not an outfit or an IV— the focus was on connection. I am so appreciative for beautiful souls that ground me in what really matters. 

• • •

I couldn't be more honored by the time you let me spend with you, Fauve. You are truly a natural. I just cannot wait to see you and your good looking, little man again soon! xoxo

• • •


Four years ago I was photographing families, kiddos, and babes 0% of the time.

Today? Upwards of 80% of the time. 


And today I was once again reminded, in the most exquisite way,

how rich the risks are. 




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