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Mama and Me, Beach Picnic for Two

Mama and Me, Beach Picnic for Two

Hi, I'm Deanna. And I am drowning in love with what I do.

So, if you didn't know, now ya know.

And here's another deposit in the ol' Learned Me Something New category: 

For a Lifestyle Photographer, Mother's Day is the Christmas of May.


So to recap:

Don't plan to move before Mother's Day.

Don't travel out of state before Mother's Day.

Don't lose your mind and get so excited and book 100 amazing sessions back-to-back before Mother's Day.

Basically, don't. And if you do, be prepared to work your booty off. Because I did all of the above. Learn from my mistakes. 😅

And truly, to each incredible mama that invited me over to sweetly package up memories this past month,


As a fly on the wall to your smooches on toes and hearty giggles and outfit changes and milk-drunk naps and sh-sh-shhhh soothings, literally none of it felt like work.

I am always so impressed with the equal parts of madness and love that it takes to be a parent. 

I want to share a relaxed, mini lifestyle session I did for a longtime friend and return client. 

Last week I met Dallas at her home and she and her little lady were laughing up a storm on the bed when I arrived. My brain immediately scolded me! 

Oh snap! Do you even have a fresh battery in your camera! Who are you?! 

I'm not sure Dallas expected me to start shooting right then and there, but I wasn't passing up those natural, loving moments…

UGH. Guys, come on. 

Okay. So once I recovered (obviously, I apply that status loosely), we headed out from their West Seattle digs to the Trader Joes to pick up picnic fixings. Then it was off to Lincoln Park for a girls lunch + casual photo session. 

PSA: You can hire me, but if you want to befriend me and eat with me and get beautiful images along the way I will NOT protest. 

Oh, right. But do you want to see the rest? 

Be my guest. They are ooey, gooey cute. 

Oh baby, you're totally crushing it. 

Thank you babes for your time and tenderness. My heart is full.  

Love, Deanna.


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