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Baby S is Out For Delivery

Baby S is Out For Delivery


I am so privileged to earmark these pages just before the story really changes.

Because soon these two, young, flye, married loves will have a super cute +1 to literally everything in life. 


And how sweet that will be. 💕

I took Mimi and Eric on a little cruise (bright and early!) around the town Eric actually grew up in before moving back from most recently living in Portland. 

The three of us discovered our mutual love of coffee and chatted about magnetism of the PNW and, here and there, I sneaked in photographs of the very special but very fleeting phase that this sweet couple is moving through.  

Our urban crawl of a Baby Bump Session was such a cool, creative departure from hitting the wide, open outdoors; the city created space for Mimi and Eric to get comfy and lost in one another. 

And can we just linger on this mama's elegance for a minute???

She simply stunned me. I'm not mad about it. 

Laughing and loving; spinning and sipping.

These two were off in their own world. 

I know that we could have made any location *the* spot. 


Cheers to enjoying the final month of this chapter, you two. I just can't wait to see what will be you THREE very soon!

❤️, D

Happy Birthday, April!

Happy Birthday, April!

So Fresh and So Clean

So Fresh and So Clean