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Victoria and Kevin

Victoria and Kevin

These brave, beautiful people endured the storm and the Wind Watch Warnings to create a little magic with me and teach me a little 'bout who and what I am all about these days.


I unwrap some bits surrounding the current state of my heart at the end.

But until then--

Thank you, Wind. 

Victoria. You're killing us.

*insert heart eyes here*

❤️ Eeeeeeeeeee...


Finding space to cultivate artistic liberties somewhere between what is readily accepted as the right way and what is authentic to someone's true narrative is what I am always aiming to achieve.

When you look at Victoria, you cannot miss her beauty. When you speak to her, you hear her heart and her wit shine through. Her actions are intentional while her stride is soft and buoyant. She is so much more than a pretty face. She is confident and capable. She's so damn funny too.

I met Kevin right on the spot the day of our session and he came across to me as so enjoyably light-hearted yet so very discerning. He laughed often and I later found out that possibly the reason they are together today is because, to Victoria's dismay (joking... but only sort of...), "he is a winker." And a persistent winker at that. 

But Victoria and Kevin are not people that need to scream their love at you.

How does one gently spell LOVE in a two dimensional image though? 

I have no words to express what sessions like this mean to me.  

Looking at Instagram, I don't have to go far to see airy fabrics and warm light and Flat Lays that shout serenity and bliss and love and sometimes I think, okay Deanna, THAT is it. That's what love stories look like in 2017.

Sidenote: Like, I would actually love to lazily unwrap each morning from silk sheets with no obligations and puppies galloping towards me. So, don't get that twisted, however, you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find... You don't need to SCREAM what it is that you are all about. 

See where I am going with this?

I had two comfortable, enamored, and intertwined partners in front of me. I chose to shoot a love story under a moody sky-- I seriously was waiting for the Pinterest Police to show up and cuff me on the spot. "Ma'am, where are your light leaks? I'm going to need to your proof of Rom Com viewership. What's your IG handle?" A stormy love story? What is this blasphemy?! 

At times I brought one of these gorgeous people forward, one back to support, and at times I aligned these two in my lens as may be mirrored in life as well. Outbreaks of laughter occurred without warning, yet their contentment with the quiet should be pervading because all of this is what I observed too. 

I am so thankful to have wonderful people consistently entrusting me to unwrap their unique dynamic and re-package only the most correctly distilled parts that they proudly care to be displayed. 


I love simple white scenes.

I love the constancy of neutrals.

I love when you are bold as love too. 

So just speak whatever it is that you are and

continue allowing me to be your megaphone. 


Mama and Me, Beach Picnic for Two

Mama and Me, Beach Picnic for Two

Happy Birthday, April!

Happy Birthday, April!