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Happy Birthday, April!

Happy Birthday, April!

Is there a better time to celebrate the things that people do to cultivate joy than on that person's birthday? I think not. 

Today is this is boss lady's birthday! 

She is smart.

She is kind.

She is pretty AND pretty important. 

“I still think food expresses my love and defines my life.”
— April Shine

Interestingly enough, April has not always been April Shine of Shines Kitchen. The fun is in her story because Shines Kitchen is a far departure from what April set out to do after college.

That is a labor of love that I strongly urge you to go check out for yourself. 

April has been inspiring me, endlessly, for the past couple of years that I've known her. She is one of those women who causes you to whisper to yourself,

"How does she do it all?"

• • •

I was challenged to to channel a bit of my inner-April last November.

On November 24th, 2017, I was arriving fresh off a plane from Taiwan.

I had just filled the previous week with experimental food choices, rigorous stair climbs, a giant expansion to every history lesson I thought I knew, and a deepened desire to endlessly commune with citizens from every part of this beautiful world.


I was also helplessly jet-lagged AND, OH BABY, what a STRUGGLE of the realest kind. 

But April and I had set a date to take some photographs for Shines Kitchen on that Saturday -- which just so happened to be Small Business Saturday! -- and I was not missing out on the chance to see this lady in action and give her some gorgeous shots of her showing off her talents!

She and her hubs also have ridiculously cuuuute pups. You guys know by now my weakness is dogs. (It's fiiiiine.)

So, off to work we went! She chopped and sliced and constructed yummy goodies that made my stomach grumble at me to finish already. Whoa, stomach. We're professionals, 'k?

Over the years I've photographed for Shines Kitchen a couple of times, and each time I am so ecstatic to showcase food crafted with intention. 


So what is the latest sweet treat from this powerhouse???

After months of hard work Shines Kitchen, will be featured on a newly releasing fitness app called STRIVE (see:

If you know April, you are inspired by April and you love the example she sets for a life worth going after. 

I am so proud of the work she is doing just as I am so proud of these images.

It's hard to beat the person that never quits, no?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweet lady, and bon appétit!

Victoria and Kevin

Victoria and Kevin

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