Flurries and Furballs // Engagement Sneak Peek

If you oft find yourself taking the road less travelled, if you like to make fun wherever you roam, and especially if you have an insatiable love for puppies...

Hi, I'm Deanna. Just sayin', we're gonna make a great team.

I have such fun clients! Can I just reiterate that? Cool. Now we may proceed. 

I am so lucky that, in the dead of winter, on a whim, Christina and Jeremy said YES! to my last-minute suggestion to swap their engagement photo sesh from Lake Washington to somewhere a bit… more chilly. 

It was just such a relaxed session with these two. We traipsed around and chatted, ankle-deep, in the gorgeous snow that covered Snoqualmie as I snapped photos and they unveiled more of their love story, where they come from, and which side of the family will bring the craziest dancers to the wedding (tune back in this October for photos). 

These two goofballs have so much to look forward to together and I am so thrilled that I get to come along for the ride to document along the way. 

Let the countdown to the BIG DAY continue, lovebirds! 😘