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Mobile Modeling Session

Mobile Modeling Session

Foreward: We were essentially three strangers. Two photographers and a fitness coach. One I had briefly met in person and the other in a group text. But when are you better equipped to get your strategizing on than when you are trapped in a moving vehicle, crossing three states in two days, with perfect strangers on one giant photoshoot?  

Somewhere on the side of the road, California.

02.17.17. Exactly one week from now, I'll be meeting up with some spontaneous babes in California. And while I should be packing—


Can I just drive home the critical need to MAKE TIME to revive yourself when you're dragging? Lovelies, there are so many moments when you're gonna be in your flow and it will be awesome and you'll feel like you could lift a bus over your head! And then some days you'll feel like that same bus dropped on top of you and you may not know how you fell this far from grace. Those are the moments where you realize that you cannot stay under the bus. Because 1) there is no chocolate under the bus (GET OUT) and 2) the world is waiting on you. 


—but instead I am reflecting on the things I've done to disrupt my comfort zone so that I could make time to do more purposeful things with my time and THIS spontaneous CA > NV > AZ roadtrip was one of those times.

I'm actually laughing as I reflect on the years of moving across states for the sake of discovery, some of the huge professional risks I've chosen, booking trips without having a return address (who does that??), that one time I abstained from Facebook so that I could find out what a life less curated felt like, and that semi-regrettable liquid diet I seriously considered maintaining in 2012 after too many late night Netflix documentary binges.

It never fails; that one decently-sized change can cause the lens in which you view the world to refocus.

So, not too long ago, in a desert far, far away, three perfect strangers lovingly chose #arewetherewhocares as the perfect title for our mobile modeling session and, people, it is still paying dividends to this day. 

This is what it looks like when you hand the keys over to what happen to three boss-ladies who like making things happen.

We laughed, ate, explored; didn’t sleep.

We documented LIFE.

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