Fine, I'll buy that Canadian Retreat // Family Session

Fine, I'll buy that Canadian Retreat // Family Session

Hello, world. Take a seat, because I am almost certain you are not ready. 

I live in a world where beautiful people are always calling me.

I know, right?

But sometimes I see these families and my survival instinct warns me to be extra vigilant--

What are you selling?

Lodge memberships in Whistler?

Calvin Klein's new 2018 line? 

What is this sorcery??

Thankfully, this isn't my first rodeo with Aimee and Paul, so I was semi-prepared for the off-the-charts beautiful factor I was working with.

Please. Please bask in the warmth of their sunshine with me?

And, somehow, they are just as stunning on the inside as they are to look at.

It's a wild, wild world. 



Oh, little one, how loved you are!

Happy FIRST birthday!!!

Thank you guys for trusting me to give you momentos from your growing babe's big-girl birthday in this season of change. 


I earnestly love few things more than getting to grow with you.


Love, love, love always,