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Baby H is 2 Weeks Old!

Baby H is 2 Weeks Old!

Remember when we all took the express train to Swoon Station up in here on December 1st? This gorgeous mama's bump was something else.


I knew it was coming. I knew she would be perfection, but was I reaaaalllly ready?

Come on. This little one is rocking a head of 20% hair like you never did see.

But while I was behind the camera, what I fell in love with showing off was their bond.

Mom expertly soothed away the fussies and dad knocked out a record-timing diaper change, all while the puppies snacked the day away, and it became very apparent to me that this new baby had always been a part of them. 

(Sort of thinking that the lack of exasperated breakdowns is not normal, no?)

I was there to document a milestone in growth, but I think I ended up also validating what natural parents these two had so eagerly been waiting to become. 

Cheers to many, many more weeks of change and puppy kisses, little love!

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